Course Open (Holes 1-16) (updated 26 October at 08:33)


Barry Witherup (Chair), Stephen Jones (Chair of House), Jeff Cummins (Treasurer), Simon Norris (Chair of Green), Derek Madden, Jim Breen, Peter Watson, Robin Stevens, Julie Scott, Margaret Melville


House Committee:

Stephen Jones (Chair),  Margaret Melville, Peter Watson


Ladies' Committee:

Mrs Elizabeth Otto (Ladies’ Captain), Mrs Judith Hartley (Ladies’ Vice Captain), Mrs Lesley Madden (Ladies’ Secretary), Mrs Christine Rushton (Ladies’ Treasurer), Mrs Joy Bury (Ladies’ Handicap Secretary), Mrs Sue Gray, Mrs Sile Hamilton, Mrs Sarah Dick


Green Committee:

Simon Norris (Chair), Derek Madden, Jim Breen

Handicap Committee: 

Robin Stevens (Chair), Julie Scott (Handicap)


Junior Committee:

Scott Astin


Marketing Committee:

Barry Witherup, Secretary/Manager

Finance Executive:

Barry Witherup (Chair), Jeff Cummins, Simon Norris, Stephen Jones

The Gentlemen’s Captain, Ladies’ Captain, Chair and Treasurer are members of all committees.

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