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Hesketh Chaplaincy

We are pleased to introduce Richard Vernon to you who has recently been appointed as our Club

Richard is an ordained minister and has been involved in local church leadership and pastoral work
here in Southport for the past decade. He joined Hesketh in December 2011 and is currently playing off
a 4 handicap. This is a new role that has been established and develops on what Bert Ball has himself
been doing over a number of years. Richard is keen to fuse both his passion for golf with his profession
of working with people, and believes this will bring an added dimension to the support networks and
services that already exist within the club. The role, which is on a voluntary basis, is one that simply
seeks to offer pastoral support to those who might value someone coming alongside them when they
find themselves going through tough times, such as bereavement, etc.

Richard says that ‘Having been working closely with people for over the past decade, I am only too well
aware of the issues that so often surround us and how these can so easily pull the rug from beneath
our feet. None of us are immune to such things. Very often, we’re left uncertain of where or who we can
go to for help and support. That’s where I see the role of a Chaplain coming in - simply being there to
help and guide in this respect. It’s evident that strong friendships already exist within the club is great
and these are the ones we tend to turn to first of all. Long may that continue. However, having an
independent person available offers an added tier of support. People can call me at any time and we
can then arrange to meet up and chat further. I’m delighted for the opportunity to serve the club in this
way and with Bert’s ongoing assistance, look forward to developing this in the days to come.’


Richard can be contacted on any of these numbers:
• Home - +44 (0)1704 507 133
• Mobile - +44 (0)7739 913 009
• Church - +44 (0)1704 544 419

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