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February 2021 Diary of Events
Monday 1st   
Tuesday 2nd09:00 - 11:20
Ladies 16 Hole Reverse Waltz (COVID-19 Rules)
Wednesday 3rd   
Thursday 4th   
Friday 5th   
Saturday 6th   
Sunday 7th   
Monday 8th   
Tuesday 9th08:50 - 11:20
Ladies 16 Hole Individual NQ (COVID-19 Rules)
Wednesday 10th   
Thursday 11th   
Friday 12th   
Saturday 13th   
Sunday 14th   
Monday 15th   
Tuesday 16th08:50 - 11:20
Ladies 16 Hole Texas Scamble (Covid -19 Rules)
Wednesday 17th   
Thursday 18th   
Friday 19th   
Saturday 20th   
Sunday 21st   
Monday 22nd   
Tuesday 23rd08:50 - 11:20
Ladies16 Hole Team of 3 (Covid-19)Rules
Wednesday 24th 
Thursday 25th 
Friday 26th 
Saturday 27th 
Sunday 28th 
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