Officers and Officials

Honorary Life President: Derek Holden

Derek Holden was born in Southport, educated at King George V School, and joined Hesketh Golf Club in 1950.  He became the Club’s youngest captain in 1967 and was invited to be captain again in 1985, the Club’s centenary year. He served on the Council for fifteen consecutive years, five years as Chairman, and in 1989 was honoured with Life Membership, to be followed by Honorary Life Presidency in 2006.  Having been proposed by Arnold Bentley, he was delighted when, in 1982, he was accepted for membership of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.  He was elected President of the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs in 1997 and has served on their Executive ever since.
A keen amateur photographer, he has taken many of the photographs that record the history of the golf club, some of which are to be seen in various locations within the clubhouse. 
In 2012 he played an important role in launching a successful appeal to acquire what had become known as the Hitler Trophy, probably the most important artifact in the history of Hesketh Golf Club.

  Gentlemen's Captain: Roy A. Sinclair

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  Ladies' Captain: Lorraine C. Mentha

A list of all our previous Ladies' Captains is available -  Please click here.

  Juniors' Captain: Thea Jones

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Board of Directors:

  • Ian Garden (Chair of Board)
  • Jeff Cummins (Finance Director)
  • Peter Watson (House Premises Director)
  • Melvyn Kamel (Membership & Marketing Director)
  • Julie Scott (Handicap & Competitions Director)
  • Dave Harrison (Compliance Director)
  • Ian Clark (Green Committee)
  • Meegan Switzer (Food, Beverage & Social Director)

Green Committee:

  • Ian Clark (Green Director)
  • Peter McVicar (Course Manager
  • Martin Edge (Secretary Manager)

Finance Executive:

  • Ian Garden (Chair of Board)
  • Jeff Cummins (Finance Director)
  • Peter Watson (House Premises Director)
  • Ian Clark (Green Director)
  • Martin Edge (Secretary Manager)

Marketing Committee:

  • Melvyn Kamel (Membership & Marketing Director)
  • Martin Edge (Secretary Manager)
  • Liza Smallman
  • Jon Main
  • Harry Ormesher
  • Simon Greenhalgh

Ladies' Committee:

  • Lorraine Mentha (Ladies' Captain)
  • To follow
  • To follow
  • To follow

Junior Committee:

  • Darren Wilson (Junior Organiser)
  • Scott Astin (Professional)
  • Jane Coulthard (Club Welfare Officer)
  • Martin Edge (Secretary/Manager)
  • Thea Jones (Junior Captain)
  • Will Jones (Junior Vice Captain)

Heritage Committee

  • Keith Hick (Club Historian)
  • Peter Watson (House Premises Director)
  • Derek Holden (Honorary Life President)
  • Denise McInerney
  • Bradley Ormesher

Handicap Committee:

  • Julie Scott (Handicap & Competitions Director)
  • John Moss
  • Jane Coulthard
  • Angela Grugel
  • Martyn Senior

Social Committee:

  • Meegan Switzer (Food, Beverage & Social Director)
  • Roy Sinclair (Gentlemen's Captain)
  • Lorraine Mentha (Ladies' Captain)
  • Martin Edge (Secretary Manager)
  • Karen Courtney (House Manager)

The Gentlemen’s Captain, Ladies’ Captain, Chair, Finance Director and Secretary Manager are members of all committees.