Playing Categories

The Club is currently processing a large number of applications.

New applications for membership will be placed onto a waiting list for processing.

7 Day Waiting List

7 Day membership is currently unavailable across all ages and successful applicants for membership will be invited to join as 6 Day members and be placed on the 7 day waiting list.

6 Day Categories incur a 86% charge relative to the respective 7 Day category.

Colt Membership (18 to 29)

With effect from the Annual General Meeting of Hesketh Golf Club Limited held on 9th March 2022, applicants between the ages of 18 and 29 succesful in their application, subject to payment of the Joining Fee will be offered Colt Membership.

The sliding scale of fees associated with Intermediate membership will be applicable, however the respective Joining Fee must be paid in full either at the time of joining, or within a 12 month period utilising the Clubs finance provider 'Golf Credit'.

For further information please contact the Office.

Application Process

Anyone interested in pursuing or applying for membership is to contact the Secretary Manager / Assistant Secretary who will provide detail surrounding the process.

Click here to request the Prospective Member Pack

For any further information please contact the Secretary Manager / Assistant Secretary on 01704 536897 (option 2)

Fees and Charges

Type 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 Subs* Entry Fee Clubhouse Card Levy
Resident (7-Day) £1599.00 See note below £100
6-Day £1375.00 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 29 £1439.00 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 28 £1279.00 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 26 - 27 £1119.50 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 24 - 25 £959.50 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 22 - 23 £799.50 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 20 - 21 £639.50 See note below £100
Intermediate / Colt 18 -19 £480.00 See note below £100
Junior 16 - 17 £400.00 See note below N/A
Junior Up to 15 Years £240.00 See note below N/A

Other Charges

Union Affiliation Fee 2023

Male £13.85

Female £16.50


In order to ensure continued development of the club and its facilities, the Board of Directors have recently voted to reduce the age at which the joining fee becomes payable to 18 and to increase the joining fee for new members, with immediate effect.

The joining fee of £3198.00 (twice the annual subscription) is to be paid in full at the time of joining for all new Male Resident, 6 Day and Colt Members.

In an effort to achieve a better 'gender balance' within the Club, it has been agreed that the Entry Fee for new Female Resident, Female 6 Day and Female Colt Members will be waived until further notice.

Please enquire for information on Entry fees for other categories.

(Joining Fee information updated on website - 24/04/2023)

Payment Arrangements

All fees may be paid by the normal methods (Cash, Cheque, Card, BACs etc)

The Club also enables the Annual fees to be paid by instalment using the ‘Golf Credit’ scheme. Payment by this method will incur an interest charge and a transaction fee and are FCA regulated. Payments will be made in equal monthly instalments and are for the full subscription year.

In all categories, there are no refunds for early cancellation of membership.

For more information please contact the office.